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Our CompanyBofinger & Breslin has been in the Philadelphia plumbing construction industry for generations now. Our combination of proven experience, knowledge of local rules and regulations, and ability to deliver makes Bofinger & Breslin the top choice for all your plumbing construction projects.

Our ApproachThough we are aware that construction is a very competitive industry, we also appreciate the degree to which cooperation is necessary to complete a project successfully. Bofinger & Breslin is committed to an approach that combines quality and cooperation. This is the formula that has led to our success.

Bid CenterYou can access our complete Bid Library by clicking here. This section is updated frequently and includes numerous jobs throughout the Philadelphia region. Please check back often. If you have any questions related to working with Bofinger & Breslin, you can contact us at any time.


Please make sure to visit our Bid Center for information about our most current projects.

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